Garden time!

Feeling inspired to get out and get your hands dirty? All of the hot weather plants are ready to go! Basil, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers and more. We have the luxury of working with Wildcat Mountain Farm, who is careful to grow only tried and true varieties that perform well in our cool climate. It can be a real challenge to ripen those tomatoes and peppers here in Portland, and your success will depend much on the varieties and quality of plant that you grow. Really prioritize the sunshine for your summer weather plants and make sure to provide plenty of fertility.

And if you really want to grow a significant portion of your food, don’t forget to plant your fall/winter greens NOW! It is possible to plant greens for overwintering well into the summer, but getting them in early helps you take advantage of late spring and early summer rains. Your plants will get established without you having to water, and will be sure to size up nicely before the cold weather (and the inevitable fall slug pressure) hits.

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