New Art and Music Show this Sat 2/19 7pm

Miss Massive Snowflake
Eat Right, Stay Fit
Featuring artwork by Shane deLeon

Miss Massive Snowflake
Like an ongoing serial novel, Miss Massive Snowflake, is consistently transitioning from one musical chapter to the next. Starting out as a traveling acoustic family band and then switching to pop computer experimentations after his Mother quit the group, MMS switches gears yet again with a stripped down three piece rock combo featuring Andy Brown (Jessamine, Fontanelle, Paint and Copter) on drums and the solid bass backbone of Jeanne Kennedy Crosby.

This show at Cherry Sprout will be showcasing new songs the band is currently recording for their next album. Promises of a flamboyant stage show and shorter louder songs are rumored. This is Miss Massive Snowflake’s first Portland show in nearly a year, but the band stayed busy in 2010, releasing their sophomore album, Songs About Music, which had an elaborately orchestrated sound with horns, percussion, and plenty of male / female harmonies singing politically charged love songs. They toured Europe, got plenty of rave reviews, had a lot of fun, lost the horn section, and acquired some effects pedals.

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