Produce Specials 2/14-2/20

Perhaps you’ve heard of this wicked freeze that hit Northern Mexico and Southern Arizona? They’re calling it a 50 year storm! If you haven’t heard about it directly yet, you’ve probably noticed some healthy price hikes on all of the crops coming from that area this time of year–tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cucumbers to name a few. Fear not good produce lovers! Simply look to your local and more seasonal choices to continue to enjoy fresh deals!

This week we’re rockin’ two deals from Kiyokawa Orchards in Parkdale, OR!
Green D-Anjou Pears $0.79/lb Classic.

Sonata Apples $0.79/lb These lovely apples are as sweet as they are pretty.

Organic Yellow Onions $0.59/lb Farmer Brown from Mustard Seed Farm in Aurora, OR never lets us down!

Moro Blood Oranges $1.69/lb These tart and sweet treats are from Rising C Orchards, sustainably grown and tree-ripened in California.

Organic Collard Greens $1.49/bunch A healthy staple, coming in from central California.

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