Sato Sharpening Returns to Cherry Sprout Saturday May 2

Sato Sharpening Logo

Sato Sharpening had such a great and busy time here at Cherry Sprout he decided to return!  
If you missed your chance last month to get your kitchen and garden tools professionally sharpened, you have another opportunity:

Saturday, May 2 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Sato Sharpening is a local mobile sharpening service. He sharpens knives, gardening tools and anything else with a blade.  He uses a Japanese style of sharpening that requires only hand tools.  It is both very effective and impressive to watch!
Small Knife $5   Serrated $10
Medium Knife $7   Serrated $12
Large Knife $9   Serrated $15
Grass Clipper $7
Pruning Shears $10
Pruning Scissors $10
Lopper $12
Shovel $5
Hoe  $5
Hedge Shears  $12
Pick  $10
For more information contact Sato Sharpening: 503-952-6465

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