Tiago Denczuk art show with musical performance by Dramady and Tatse

March 26, 2011

Cherry Sprout Produce, 722 N. Sumner St. Portland, OR 97217

(503) 445- 4959



Tiago DeJerk has been exposing himself to the world sincerely, brazenly and
unadulterated since he began to ride a bicycle over 20 years ago. Whether
commuting throughout his hometown of Curitiba, Brazil or coasting into his
element in Portland, OR, Tiago has taken it upon himself to retain his freedom by
increasing his mobility – all the while documenting and reflecting his sources of
inspiration. Tiago has dedicated the majority of his creative expression to mastering stencil artistry and developing the persona of Tiago DeJerk. This persona provides the mouth piece for unadulterated reflection upon the elements that shape us, and our world(s).

Dramady is a two piece rock band from Portland, OR. The band consists of Amanda Mason Wiles (Rollerball, Six Foot Sloth, The Pink Widower) on bass, vocals, clarinet, and saxophone, and Zac Stanley (Narwhal vs. Narwhal, Miss Massive Snowflake) on drums, vocals, and keyboards. The music is highly rhythmic danceable pop with groove laden dub bass and melodic horns. Zac is pretty amazing to watch live as he plays drums, keyboard, and sings all at once while the crowds dance the night away.


Tatse is an improvisational synth band from Portland, OR whose members include Holly Cappello and Liam Cloyd. Sequential Circuits Pro One, Roland SH-101, Modular, Taal Tarang Digital and spring reverb and some delay pedals. Tatse can be described as Death Metal / Live Electronics / Minimalist.

Find out more at www.DeJerk.com, http://www.northpolerecords.org/bands/dramady/ and www.myspace.com/tatseforever

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