We got hacked! Dont open email link!

It has come to our attention this morning that our Yahoo email account got hacked!
We are terribly sorry if this affected you in any way.
There was a series of emails with links to random sites and or random products that came from our email address, but we did not send them.
The Subject line just says ” re: ” and nothing more.
I would highly recommend not clicking on the links in these emails.
However,we have heard from a few people that did and everything still appears to be OK with their computers & devices etc.
We usually only email about upcoming events, art shows, and new sections in the store.
So, if the subject line is blank it probably did not come from us.
If any one has any suggestions about what to do in this situation, we would gladly accept the advice.
Thanks Again & Sorry,
-Cherry Sprout

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